(My) Unfinished Songs & Raw Sketches SLOWED REVERB

A selection of unfinished songs by Betty Hammerschlag. 30 minutes. 2023.

12h23 - 23h12

Over ten hours of live experimental music, performance art and spoken word, broadcast from Les Instants Chavirés on the 17th December 2022. Hosted by Instants Chavirés, Sonic Protest and Collectif Coax. Featuring Moineau Ecarlate, Tzii, Rae, Ponge, Undae and many more.

A Quieter Storm

London-based art, music and architecture writer Bobby Jewell plays a selection of ambient, jazz and classical music over two hours.

A Suite for Seven Rooms (700 Horses)

A new entry in the occasional broadcast series from Tenement Press and Prototype Publishing, Railroad Flat Radio, Seven Hundred Horses is a suite of readings by eleven poets and makers to mark the publication of Seven Rooms, an anthology of works from across the Hotel series, 2016 to 2023, co-published by Tenement and Prototype, and edited by Dominic J. Jaeckle and Jess Chandler

A Table of Contents

A work by Dominic J. Jaeckle, Polly Barton, Mason Lindahl & Matthew Shaw. Grounded in a book that collects a roll-of-film’s worth of co-dependent photographs and prose-poems by artist Hoagy Houghton and writer Dominic Jaeckle (36 Exposures, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe), A Table of Contents is a quilt of first- and second-hand reticulated reflections and ratiocinations; a ‘disembodied voice-over’ for a set of absent images, memories and other assorted totem poles.


Monthly experimen†al kleptomaniac post digital free jazz spam channel operated by artists Tilman Hornig and Paul Barsch aka DRONE OPERATØR.

ADSR Radio

Weekly live-streamed electronic music broadcasts by Vancouver-based experimental net-label ADSR collective, presented by Sean Mallion.


Experimentation and collaboration with Esmé and Avel of ATATA, a vessel for live and recorded music.


Thematic mixes and reflections, captured along the Dorset coastline by ATTN:Magazine's Jack Chuter.

Acoustic Commons

The Acoustic Commons relays live streams on the Locus Sonus open microphone network and elsewhere, and conversations with streamers who provide the sounds.

Set up and maintained by a disparate group of artists, activists, naturalists, and techies,
these feeds provide real-time links with the microphone locations at all times, revealing flows of activities, organisms and sounds from moment to moment and over the course of days and seasons.

As the network grows, it provides a wider and deeper account of the diversity of soundscapes, linking the very local and the global. In some cases, as at Cyberforest, the streams are recorded, creating an audio observatory for long term environmental monitoring. Other streams are transient, sharing an ephemeral opening onto another place.


A special mix by Tbilisi-based sound artist and producer Aghnie.

Akiha Den Den

A unique audio drama series created by writer/director Neil Cargill and musician/sound designer Simon James featuring an original electronic music score and full cast including Ian McDiarmid, famed for his role as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars saga, as Cuttings – the radio ham who picks up a mysterious voice. The voice belongs to a girl (Joy McAvoy, from Ken Loach's The Angels' Share, and Filth) trapped in an abandoned amusement park called Akiha Den Den. Singer Wendy Rae Fowler (featured vocalist with bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age) lends her distinctive Alabama tones to the multi-layered soundscape as it becomes clear there's a whole community there, whose words and music become woven into a mesmerising plea for help. Everything becomes highly charged when one of the trapped inhabitants finds a way into our world – where his impact on us could be as devastating and far-reaching as an unknown, unseen virus.

Apocalypse Disco

Portland-based Dekay plays a mix of songs from across the electronic music spectrum with a focus on classic and new house.

Asphyxia: The "Idiote", the Library Wifi and the Suppressed Safe

Originally commissioned in 2022 as part of Radio Art Zone's tapestry of 22-hour radio productions, this project by Daniel R. Wilson is re-presented here in episodic form. Asphyxia hacks the antagonising systems which thwart and forestall projects (its name also acknowledges the asphyxiating atmosphere of long-form radio when made by a single person). It is a damaged would-be radio documentary exploring the Narnia of restricted access material and gatekept employment.

Athens Inner City Broadcast

Explorations of the inner city sounds of Athens and surrounding areas through lucid soundscapes and site-specific transmissions.

Atmospheric Densities

This is the Flaming Pines radio show featuring new releases, mixes and experiments in field recording, sound art and experimental music, hosted by Kate Carr and guests.

Audible Heat

A meditation by Milo Thesiger–Meacham on the sound of the cicada as "audible heat" in human history and culture. Featuring spoken contributions by writer and translator Cristina Viti and filmmaker Ahmed Yassin Aldaradji, field recordings, original music and a smattering of celebrity interviews.

Bab’s London Adventures : Talk Poems by SJ Fowler

In your lucy locket, a series of encounters with London’s most loveable rogue, Babs the purple cat, whose improvised talk poems have become a staple of the UK’s avant garde poetry scene. Recorded at public performances, film shoots and specifically for this release, and featuring found sound recordings around the capital, Babs takes on what is possible for the improvised poem and for the poet as a character.

Beholder Halfway

Monthly investigations of music politics with Paul Rekret.


Beàrnaraigh, hosted by Martin Eccles, is a programme exploring movement, time and distance through walking on an outer Hebridean island.

Body Edit Mind

A 22-hour radio project in 7 episodes by Milo Thesiger–Meacham. An unnamed narrator moves house and pieces together a world of recording devices, names, crime, real-world characters and media from across the globe, featuring 10-second audio extracts from over 6000 individual videos found online, original sound recordings, music, hand-held camera audio and writing. Commissioned by the European Capital of Culture, Esch2022 for the temporary radio art station Radio Art Zone. Follow Fox Neame for more.

Boston Becomes Eclectic

Boston Becomes Eclectic is a broadcast series by Ilya of the acclaimed blog I Heart Noise, which brings you the latest in underground music with particular reference to Boston, Massachusetts.

CWCH Collective

During the lockdown, a revolving group of sound artists from across Europe and the US convened live on air with a unified aim: to gather sound-pollen and transmit codified messages to kindred folk, exploring whatever was on their minds. Style guide: Anything goes.

Here we broadcast some selected live works by the CWCH Collective.

Christian Duka Presents

Sound artist and curator Christian Duka presents live binaural recordings from his curated series of events at Aures London and real-time sonic explorations.

Colliding Lines

Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

Come On, Come Down!

Come On, Come Down! explores adventurous night music for the sleepless. The series covers a broad spectrum of genres, from ambient and noise through to jazz, post-rock and contemporary classical. Each episode is thematically linked and aims to highlight a specific mood, artist or movement. Listen out for the occasional live session.


Tracks from across the spectrum of electronic and computer music, with Calum Gunn of Conditional.

Connections to Sound

A monthly show exploring our innate connection to sound, and how we express that through music, showcasing work that connects to our body and minds through rich compositional choices, through intricate processes in the studio, or music that is inspired by the way we interact with the outside world. Connections to Sound journeys through downtempo, electronic, ambient and beat driven music, featuring tracks from artists all around the world. Presented by Kayla Painter.


A mix series by new media artist Antye Greie-Ripatti.

Dallas Simpson

Dallas Simpson has worked since the 1990s as an environmental location performance sound artist improvising live on location, listening and performing with found objects and surfaces. Works are usually recorded live on location in a single take using custom in-ear binaural techniques. These 3-D perceptual recordings are ideally heard through headphones for a full surround sound experience.

Davide Tidoni: Collected Recordings

Davide Tidoni is an artist and researcher interested in the relational dimension of listening, and in the physical experience of sound. He works with live performance, intervention, audio recording, video, and guided listening. He recently published a sound ethnography on the ultras group BRESCIA 1911. 'Collected Recordings' is a series of works selected by Tidoni from his extensive back catalogue.

Derek Jarman, Through the Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping

An archival reading of Derek Jarman’s sole work of narrative fiction, Through the Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping (Prototype Publishing / House Sparrow Press) — as read by the author — in a special broadcast to mark the 30th anniversary of Jarman’s death.


Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.


Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents new and archival material.


Musical sketches by ENGLAND'S COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION AND GOVERNING BODY OF HYPER REAL SIMULATIONS AND CONSTRUCTS is a monthly mix of curation, recompilation and pseudepigrapha.

Earth Tones

Glasgow-based Bobby Jewell presents a series of ambient mixes for Resonance Extra with guest features by musicians and artists.


Long-form gonzo radio exploration of artists on the outer edge with Eric Boros.

East Asia PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen short soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout East Asia. This series for Resonance Extra forms part of a wider project, 'Each Morning of the World', which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Ennui Dealer's Mystery Tapes

Ennui Dealer's Mystery Tapes: is a hard-boiled para-realist mystery novel fragmented and decentralized into a series of sound collages, images and text. When Ennui Dealer stumbles into a conspiracy penetrating seemingly every layer of society and involving the rat king, his eggmen and a host of unforgivable characters, life as they know it begins to erode and mutate. Opening a pathway into the underworld, Ennui Dealer attempts to wade past the horizon into the darkness past the curve.


Moods and preoccupations in a nonlinear narrative in and out of the club with COSI and The Source of Some Certainty - created by Corinna Triantafyllidis and Henry Rodrick.

Estuary Magic

Communiques from Thanet Tape Centre, Hard drive sludge. audio tidal pools. Music sediment. Friends utterances, sea walls of noise, salt marsh drone.

Everything is Churning and Opening Live at Colourscape

Live recordings of a work by ARCO performed on loop at Colourspace, September 2023. More info here.


FUNKT was a festival of electronic music and sound art from Cologne, which took place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2021.

Fading Somewhere Else

Fading Somewhere Else is a work by Morkebla & Dalhous. The short three-part series hopes to explore and streamline some of the music that has influenced their philosophy in the sound-exploration of unconscious states of self.

Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit

Sound collage, record spinning, havering, ear wonk and general head scratch with Dylan Nyoukis of the Chocolate Monk label.


William Fields explores the potential of algorithmic music through the process of recreating (and inventing?) genres with his musical operating system.

First Light's Third Space

Each month, First Light Records invites two artists to take an unplanned journey with a microphone around their city to curate an hour-long mix. Each show captures the unique atmosphere of a city from each artist's perspective, through music and found sound.

First Terrace

A selection of experimental frequencies, interviews and sessions plus cuts from the First Terrace label by Alex Ives (Specimens) and Joe Summers.

Five Folk Tales for Radio (featuring Steffan Cennydd)

Five Folk Tales for Radio (featuring Steffan Cennydd). Voice: Steffan Cennydd. Concept, text, sound design, montage by Ed Baxter. Recording engineer: Michael Umney.


Flux aims to explore the themes of liminal space, temporality and boundaries, whether physical or theoretical. This exploration is carried out through field recording and sound design. Each episode invites an artist, performer or sound recordist to create a show in reaction to these themes. Exploring a space or spaces they deem relevant through their own creative practice.


Béatrice Lajous investigates the cultural parallels between French and British artistic counterparts.

Foldable Soundbath

The Foldable Sounds Collective presents Foldable Soundbath. The collective formed during the April 2020 lockdown and is composed of three artists: Daniela Maria Geraci, Lucy Rose Cunningham and Isabelle Pead. Individually dealing with sound as an archival, performative and narrational tool, collectively they interrogate sound’s potential to sonically transport the imagination outside one’s four walls, drawing on a global need for freedom of movement.

Four Folk Tales for Radio (featuring Willie Carr)

Four Folk Tales for Radio (featuring Willie Carr). Voice: Willie Carr. Concept, text, sound design, montage by Ed Baxter. Recording engineer: Diarmuid McIntyre.


Said the sky to the moon, shall we do a dance? I'll wait for you to make the move but please don't wait until you hear - the sound below the atmosphere. Ceylan Göksel and Sami Fitz reach subliminal heights with genre-busting spoken word, ambient textures, sound sculptures, and a different theme every show. We wish you a good night.

Game Time Menu

An original audio work by Milo Thesiger–Meacham, originally commissioned by Outlands for The Joyous Thing 4. Two narrators on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean trace the events of a night lost in an unnamed city. Featuring original text, music and recordings made on various handheld devices, found material, improvised words by Kadence Neill, and viola playing by Benedict Taylor.

Gluesock by Aghnie

Gluesock is entirely comprised of new sounds (conceived initially as small bits of sound), which Aghnie has been experimenting with over the course of several months.

Grand Oeuvre by Le Clan des Exaltés

A special broadcast of the 2016 album Grand Oeuvre by mysterious French avant-garde group Le Clan des Exaltés.

Gravity Waves and The Spirit World

Commissioned new work from contemporary sound practitioners and other audio choices from experimental electronic collective The Spirit of Gravity.


A Hyperdelia label showcase.

ID Spectral

ID Spectral is a multi-disciplinary record label and arts collective, showcasing the spectrum of innovative creative identities worldwide.

Ideal Logic Max 24 Rainbow Prayer International

Neil Luck leads an ensemble of collaborators in a New Years Water Ritual live from Resonance Extra's studio. An offering of positive energy to all sufferers of holiday burst pipes and broken boilers. Engineered and mixed live by Milo Thesiger–Meacham.


Injazero Records founder Siné Buyuka plays a selection of electronic, experimental, ambient and contemporary classical tracks.

Into The Wild

Into The Wild is a recorded sound excursion from Brighton Station to Stanmer Park, discovering sound marks of the city and its enchanting environs, winding up in the unique garden community of Stanmer Organics. Produced by members of Sound Art Brighton to celebrate World Listening Day 2023.

Irruptive Chora Presents HYPERSPACE

Collaborative curatorial group, Irruptive Chora, present HYPERSPACE, a live broadcast from Iklectik Art Lab, as a culmination of a year-long experimental peer-to-peer inquiry into new hybrid ways of learning, making and sharing work within the ruined art ecosystems.


JEROME Worldwide presents a 2 hour mix, "a journey through time and space".

JNNK by Janneke van der Putten

Experimental vocalist Janneke van der Putten presents her debut solo album JNNK.

Jamaica Authentic

Sister of Reggae Naoko The Rock selects authentic 60s and 70s reggae records plus contemporary Japanese and global releases inspired by Jamaica's authentic analogue reggae sounds.

Jose Macabra Presents

Jose Macabra presents solo work and other collaborations.

Kinn Live at Resonance Extra

A one-off broadcast of two tracks performed, recorded and filmed by Kinn at Resonance Extra's studios in October 2022 to mark the imminent release of his sophomore album Dogtooth. He is joined by Barkumdeer, a duo made up of violist Jenny Ames and percussionist Louis Giannamore; cellist Will Boon; and Eli Callingham, who plays out the final moments with harmonica.

Kinn Presents

Channelling an array of fervent interests in many genres through different mediums (Film, Music, Sound Art and more), Kinn - the brooding-electronics project of London based artist Freddy Lomas - and his guests use original soundscapes and compositions to weave together an original concept for each month's show.

Krayon Recordings

A one-off mix for Resonance Extra with Krayon Recordings.

Last Movies: In Conversation With Stanley Schtinter

Artist and writer Stanley Schtinter is interviewed by producer and curator Gareth Evans about his most recent project, Last Movies, which is "an alternative view of the first century of cinema according to the final films watched by a selection of notable figures shortly before their deaths."

Late Works: By Ear

The radio counterpart to live intermedia event series Late Works, hosted by founder Joseph Bradley Hill. Each month a selection of artists respond to the show on postcards and send them in as inspiration for the next. Running through the shows are a modular stem experiment in which musicians improvise live to original 15 minute compositions.

Lea Navigations

Littoral Transmissions meander through the sonic landscape of the River Lea from Stonebridge Lock to Leamouth. Recordings from the field converge with layers of sound to create an aural impression of the navigation.

Lepke B: Looperama

Lepke B's blissful disregard for the sacred in life has placed him as one of the testcard knights with a totally unique approach to sound plunderphonics and visual art.

Listening Experience

A monthly collection of audio experiments and listening objects with sound artist Matt Burnett from Berlin.

Littoral Transmissions

Littoral Transmissions meander through the sonic landscape of the River Lea from Stonebridge Lock to Leamouth. Recordings from the field converge with layers of sound to create an aural impression of the navigation.

Live from Lubberland at COOS

In The Future You’ll Be Able To Get All The Expensive Designer Wallpaper That Your Heart Desires For Free: Live from Lubberland. A three part radio play series from Colour Out Of Space 2019.

Lo-fi Goddesses

Brooklyn-based Olivia Bradley-Skill presents Lo-fi Goddesses, live sound collage and original radio artworks inspired by female-fronted post-punk bands and experimental dance music.

Lossless Communication

Exploring sound discovery in the internet era with Robin Buckley AKA rkss.


Weekly compositions, sketches and motifs by Anastasia Freygang.

Field recordings, experimental narration, ragamash mixes, big time polyrhythmics including fantasy language and hearsay from IRL and the World Wide Web.

Maelstrom Live from South Kiosk

A live broadcast from South Kiosk, Bussey Building, of the sound installation Maelstrom by artists James Bulley and Daniel Jones.


Forward-thinking music show hosted by James Acquaye Nortey-Glover and Tom Allman, curators behind the Mantissa Mix series.

Maximum Rocknroll Radio

Maximum Rocknroll Radio is a weekly radio show and podcast featuring DIY punk, garage rock, hardcore, and more from around the world. A rotating cast of DJs pick the best of the best from MRR's astounding, ever-growing vinyl archive. You can find MRR Radio archives, specials and more on their website.

Middle East PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout the Middle East. Entitled Middle East PhoNographic Mornings this series forms part of a wider project, Each Morning of the World, which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Midnight Echoes

Music journalist Ilia Rogatchevski presents a weekly selection of expansive sounds and adventurous music from the world of audio.com and beyond.

Mitamine Lab

Mitamine Lab is a culture laboratory based in Mexico City which blends sound archives with contemporary music and literature.

Motherhood and Creativity

Artist and composer Leonie Roessler explores creativity during pregnancy and the postpartum period of a woman’s life, both stages traditionally disconnected with working as an artist. It has been challenging for women to secure a career in the arts and to pursue art as a profession rather than simply as a hobby. When women emancipated themselves via contraception, they could pursue artistic careers, but still, they often had to choose between their work and becoming mothers.

Musarc and Jack Sheen Present: Croon Harvest

Recorded in Resonance Extra's studios on 30th April 2022, Croon Harvest is a constellation of four experimental choral works curated by Jack Sheen for Musarc.

Musarc: The End of the World Service

A series of live performances in Taranto, Italy, on the 27th May 2022 by choral collective, Musarc. Featuring Neil Luck and Joseph Kohlmaier in collaboration with Post Disaster Rooftops.

Music for Parking Garages

Guest mixes selected by Ian Bruner.

The parking garage is a the "inferno of the same" (the agony of eros). It is a labyrinth in which the ceiling is often the floor, a schizophrenic environment that does not allow the face to be recognized. The(se) structures or modern functional ruins are a global phenomenon and in most cases duplicate a common design. In this way the parking garage can act as a portal, an access point into multi-linear spaces (this way amd/or that). All parking garages comprise a kind of universal parking garage, when we are in one parking garage we are in all parking garages.
The global effects of the internet have displaced direction and have effectually erased all horizons. The rhizomatic connections of the internet, a(nother) decentralized and/or multicentered domain.


Musicity seeks to encourage people to explore the city musically, architecturally and experientially by commissioning musicians and sound artists to compose original tracks in response to a building, area or aspect of the city that inspires them.

My Sweetheart Says I'm Bad: A Central Eurasian Melodiya Mix by Eugenie Galochkin

Uzbekistan-based DJ and TOPOT label boss Eugenie Galochkin presents a mix of rare vinyl rips of Central Eurasian music released on the Melodiya label between 1956-1991.


Over the course of 12 hours on 18th December 2022, Iklectik Art Lab brought together more than 25 artists to each play the noisiest live set they could. All ticket proceeds went towards The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, a registered UK charity composed of health and creative industry professionals working together to support the performing arts.

Naviar Broadcast

Thirty minutes of experimental music made in response to a weekly haiku poem, curated by Marco Alessi of Naviar Records and Naviar's international community of composers.

Naviar Haiku Fest

A series of annual events by Naviar Records broadcast live on Resonance Extra, featuring workshops, talks and live performances focused on experimental music and haiku, exploring how these two art forms can influence and inspire each other.

Naviar Virtual

Naviar Virtual was a monthly online event hosted by Naviar Records, which aimed to bring online the spirit of Naviar’s yearly physical events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neil Luck & Mimi Doulton: Five English Folk Songs

Five English Folk Songs by Neil Luck & Mimi Doulton is a collection of marginal traditional singing techniques and songs dug out by Neil and Mimi. These five songs all explore magical forms of communication with non-human energies; Flora, Fauna, Deities, The Dead, and the Quasi-Dead.

Oceanian PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of twenty soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout Oceania. This series forms part of a wider project, Each Morning of the World, which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Old Dreams for a New Age

Electronic musician Theo Sayers transports listeners with a mix of electronic, ambient, spiritual and new age music.

Out From Under

Hosted by Stu Buchanan, Out From Under dives deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the far end of the world.

Out From Under v2

Hosted by Stu Buchanan, Out From Under dives deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the far end of the world.

Outlands Network Presents: Penumbra + Kenichi Iwasa Live From Ormside Projects

Resonance Extra broadcasts live from London's Ormside Projects as part of Outlands Network's current UK tour with Penumbra, an experimental performance created by vocalist Dali de Saint Paul, electronic composer and double bassist Maxwell Sterling, and visual artists Charlie Hope and Rebecca Salvadori. Plus support from Kenichi Iwasa. The event is also available to watch live.


Special live broadcast from the London-Manchester Virgin Train, featuring Agata Kik & Ania Mokrzycka (Irruptive Chora) + Alecs Pierce (Yem Gel/Cobweaver) + Nicola Tirabasso (Visio) + tbc. As part of Suspensions (Hanging Out and Hanging In), curated by David Rousell (Biosocial Lab, MMU) and Catharine Cary (RCA/SenseLab). Supported by Manchester Metropolitan University.

Phantom Circuit

Phantom Circuit is a show of strange and wonderful sound waves - featuring music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential.

Pleasure Beach (Cochlearical)

Published by Prototype, Helen Palmer’s Pleasure Beach is a queer love story from the North West’s saucy seaside paradise, Blackpool, on one day: 16th June 1999. Written in multiple voices and styles, Pleasure Beach follows the interconnecting journeys and thoughts of three young women over the course of 24 hours and over 18 chapters which are structured and themed in the same way as James Joyce’s Ulysses. Serialised in four instalments (to conclude with its publication on June 16th 2023, “Bloomsday”), and read by the author, Pleasure Beach (Cochlearical) was produced by Dominic Jaeckle and Milo Thesiger-Meacham for Resonance Extra as a part of a rolling series of collaborative broadcasts from Tenement Press and Prototype Publishing, Railroad Flat Radio.


Postnew is a modular theory, describing the fluid development of aesthetics. Every movement has a post-movement, every end is a beginning, every post-aesthetic will be followed by a post-post-aesthetic. Join the mailing list here.


An inner city dance grotto for self-expression.


Reveil (2014-19) was a 24 hour broadcast of live sounds of daybreak. Starting near the Greenwich Meridian at 5AM, Reveil travels West following the grey line just ahead of sunrise, when birds and other organisms generate a continuously changing wave of sound. Live audio feeds were supplied by streamers around the world using devices from phones, laptops and Raspberry Pi's to commercial broadcasting equipment. Domestic scale projects join formal research networks to realize a collective composition of environmental sounds lasting one earth day. Reveil links a series of micro festivals (soundcamps) on International Dawn Chorus Day. Supported by Arts Council England and private contributions. Here we broadcast an extract from the piece. With thanks to all the streamers, projects and stations who make up the broadcast.


Members of Radia, the international group of independent cultural radio stations, explore new and forgotten ways of making radio.

Radio Cascabel

A selection of the most vibrant and exciting new sounds of Latin America's emerging talents.

Radio Concrete

Radio Concrete by Hagai Izenberg is a monthly experimental radio show which deals with live mixing and processing of field recordings together with radio broadcasting and concrete sounds. Fresh raw materials including everyday sounds, samples from tv & radio, news editions and advertisements are all gathered on a regular basis and then mixed together with live sources (FM and AM stations and other live online streaming sources) and objects (such as amplified/hacked toys).

Radio Local in Culture Mile

A hyper-local programme, broadcasting daily for two weeks, dedicated to bringing the sounds and stories of Culture Mile into people’s homes, presented by Hunt & Darton.

Radio Picnic

Radio Picnic is a mobile radio art project by zonoff which invites multi-disciplinary artists to create works inspired by the radio medium.

Raymond Watson - 'Unlocking - The Keys of a Belfast Prison'

This work by artist Raymond Watson contains a variety of sounds ranging from the rhythmic noise of the keys of Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast, identity tags, heartbeat, an original prisoner-made grappling hook thrown at and colliding with the Belfast Peace Wall, metal prison food trays, grills and locks and sections of music on Irish flute and harp. A collaboration between artist Raymond and his daughters, Toraigh and Dara.

Resistance Through Ritual

Ambient, folk, ritual, electronic, dub, free jazz and exploratory works selected by BroodingSideOfMadness.

Roamer's Gap

Roamer's Gap is a unique exploration of global sounds through the medium of vinyl records by Sticky Buttons' Alex Wight, Jack Headford and Alex Headford.


Sounds of the SHAPE Platform (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).

Sample Selects with Stan Sorrell

This show explores samples from modern-day hip-hop and electronic tracks, diving back into the original composition and rediscovering a new love for the music. You’ll hear tracks from legends such as Nina Simone, Ronnie Foster, Sister Nancy, Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, classic library music from Alan Hawkshaw to a belly dancing instruction soundtrack from the 70s.

Shimmering Moods Records

Amsterdam's Shimmering Moods Records explores the many sides of experimental ambient music, into the far reaches of the imagination.

Shipping Forecast

Anchored in a book that collects a roll-of-film’s worth of co-dependent photographs and prose-poems by Hoagy Houghton and Dominic Jaeckle (36 Exposures, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe), Shipping Forecast is a quilt of first- and second-hand reticulated reflections and ratiocinations—a ‘disembodied voice-over’ for a set of absent images, memories and other assorted totem poles.

Short Manual

Short Manual is a sound collage program & conceptual mix show with some original production included.


Shuffle by Agnès Pe is a formula radio programme taken to the extreme: repetitive, obscure and humorous. Each episode presents obscure covers of a single song. “Anything that spreads by imitation or spreads by bodily reproduction, like genes, or by viral infection is a meme” - (Richard Dawkins, 2013).


Dusty, bimonthly, high-density mixtapes and exclusive material from London duo Sirius, digging loop-holes and following their nose for the God scent.

Sloth Operator

An electronic music show made by the University of Brighton and dedicated to house and techno.

Slow Radio

Slow Radio by bauhaus.fm is a radio format where almost nothing happens and still people listen. To test this we have chosen the shortest night of the year, from 20th to 21st June. The following ingredients could possibly surface: a camp fire, tomorrow's football results, the underwater world of the river Ilm, memorising of a poem, reading of a book, a quarry with a nearby brewery & boiling water.

Socialist Realness

Socialist Realness a mix series by GAJEK focusing on avant-garde and electronic music produced in the GDR and shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Some Kind Of Glow

Monthly music selections from Youngbloods record label co-head John Moses and friends - navigating two hours of auditory delights, sonic terrors, and everything in between. Live streamed from Los Angeles.

Sonic Commune

An immersive psychosonic space, where sounds converse, collide and converge, featuring works, selections, edits, experiments, new music, non-music, archival objects, abstract artefacts, sound(system) and A/V art, pop, trash, noise, voice, and the associated mediums, processes and techniques that make up the ongoing audial investigations of Agents of the Culture Industry & OVT, all presented for art not profit.

Sonic Darts

Gwaith Swn's Sonic Darts is a London-based sound art collective presenting new sound works, performances and discussions.

Sonic Frontiers

The Sonic Agent presented two live-broadcast nights in June 2023, which conjured our listening abilities and aimed to capture and reflect upon the evolution of sounds and music coming from Southwest Asia and North Africa. In partnership with Radio Alhara, Wave Farm and Soundcamp.

Sonic Realities

Eclectic musical face-off between German electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss and Nathaniel Cramp (Sonic Cathedral).

Sonic Tapestries

Mat Eric Hart presents a sedated sojourn through worldly and mystical sounds.


Virgilio Oliveira explores the sonic environment in collaboration with Porto's Radio Manabras, presenting an hour of sound art and field recordings.

Sound of Now

  • audio / visual decomposer Lepke B posits the question - "How will we live in the 21st Century?"

South American PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen short soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout South America. Entitled « South American PhoNographic Mornings » this series for Resonance Extra forms part of a wider project, « Each Morning of the World », which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

South Asia PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen short soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout South Asia part of 'Each Morning of the World', which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Southeast Asia PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of twenty soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout South East Asia. This series forms part of a wider project, « Each Morning of the World », which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Spool's Out

Tristan Bath (of The Quietus) explores the outer fringes of modern cassette culture, playing tapes from around the world.


Strands is a programme of digital radio art commissions available to UK-based sound and radio artists under the age of 28 - supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Strange Morals

Three short stories exploring life moments and exchanges between people, brought to you by Nova Waves.

Stray Landings

Online music publication Stray Landings invites guests from across the electronic music spectrum to discuss themes and innovations.


Quarterly noise from SubPhonics exploring themes of collaborative sound and performance.

Super Takeover

Super Takeover was a 24-hour takeover on Resonance Extra organised by Superfluid.


Btech and Eman Resu of Superfluid present sound, music, noise along with all their sources via talk, fiction and truth.

Switched On!

Uneasy Listening, Wonky Synths, Aural Ambience, Future Sounds Past and Present.

Synth Remix

Synth Remix celebrates the pioneering women of electronic music through DJ sets and live performances of works composed or inspired by musicians including Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. Supported by Arts Council England (using public funding from the National Lottery), Sound and Music's Composer-Curator scheme, the PRS for Music Foundation, and The Fenton Arts Trust.

Taiwanese Experimental Music

Lucia H Chung – artist in residence at Music Hackspace – presents a four part series showcasing artists from Taiwan who work with sound.

Teaching Computers to Love

Louis Grace presents Teaching Computers to Love. This is a collaborative platform for artists to develop an episode sonically with a 10-20 minute body of work.

Temporary Palaces

Temporary Palaces is a special triplicate of hour-long broadcasts that serialises an unabridged rendition of Kyra Simone's debut collection, Palace of Rubble (Tenement Press, 2022). Initially inspired by a photograph of one of Saddam Hussein’s demolished palaces, Simone’s Palace of Rubble is a collection of one-page stories composed primarily of single words culled each day from the front pages of the newspaper.

Tender Obscurities

Monthly conceptual broadcast by Leipzig-based DJ and producer Rabia.

Tenement Press Presents SJ Fowler’s MUEUM

A four-part, unabridged broadcast of SJ Fowler’s debut novella, MUEUM — as read by the author — recorded on location in Resonance Extra's South London studios.

That Travis

That Travis is a singer-songwriter originally from Hong Kong. Their background is a mixture of a colonial English education and an indigenous upbringing. While the two worlds fight for representation within their work, they exhibit an organic mixture of all influences primarily with their voice, sonic expressions, lyrics and visual aids.

The Cardboard Club Variety Hour

Spoken word clutter jittery diary entries from the cardboard prince Robert Ridley-Shackleton, with occasional guest pals and card funk and lots and lots of tupperwave.

The Dangerous Supplement

Ed Baxter presents a fascinating selection of recordings from the archives of London Musicians’ Collective - mostly live performances from the 1990s and early 2000s. As curator, producer and organiser of many of these, he also recalls the events themselves and the personalities involved in what now seems a 'golden age' of experimental music. Nostalgia will however be avoided.

The Field Recording Show

The Field Recording Show is a programme exploring the soundscape, recording, listening and composing hosted by Kate Carr and Luca Nasciuti.

The Infinite Inward

Cosmic, transcendent sounds and exploratory electronics with f.ampism.

The Invention of Liberty; or Just Noise

An audio essay and documentary which follows a group of students from King’s College London as they translate The Manifesto of Equals (1796) by Sylvain Maréchal from one language, time and context into another, but also to the stage in the presentation of Performing Utopia. Written and produced by Patrick Bernard, it explores how politics, theatre and translation transform our understanding of the world, and reflect a desire to make words and ideas manifest. For more information visit Tenement Press who are publishing an anthology of radical translations, An Anarchist Playbook, in January 2024.


The Joyous Thing 3

Presented by Outlands, The Joyous Thing 3 is an annual gathering for the UK experimental music community and anyone with a curious ear. 2022's event featured an in person programme at MK Gallery, with newly commissioned works by Coby Sey, TACO!, ame, Lost Property, Eastern Ear, MK Gallery/Simon Wright, Tor Festival, Daniel W G Mackenzie, and Lukas Hornby; and live performances from emerging artists I Am Fya and Euso, plus DJ sets from Outlands members.

The Joyous Thing 4

Presented by Outlands, The Joyous Thing is an annual gathering for the UK experimental music community and anyone with a curious ear. In collaboration with C.A.N.V.A.S. and Centrala Space, this 4th edition of the event features live performances by 33, Olan Monk & Michael Speers, as well as newly commissioned audio works by Outlands members.

The Lonesome Crowd

DJ Alison Rosenfeld presents hidden gems and up-and-coming artists plus guest mixes from fellow tastemakers. Broadcast live from Los Angeles.

The Long Half Day

This special broadcast features full-length audio from The Long Half Day, a 12-hour improvised concert at the IKLECTIK arts lab which took place on Saturday 12 March 2016, featuring Tim Yates, Adam Bushell, Benedict Taylor, Kev Nickells, Chris Parfitt, Diana Policarpo, James O'Sullivan and Dan Powell.

The Parish News

Andy Backhouse presents a two hour show of new and unusual music and sounds - playing everything from Free Jazz to Field Recordings. This is an open-format show with a difference.

The Poet of Whitechapel

A programme by Patrick Bernard about the extraordinary life and work of the Yiddish poet Avram Nachum Stencl (1897-1983) who went from an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community in southern Poland to the bohemian cafés of pre-war Berlin before finally escaping Nazi Germany to arrive in Whitechapel, the heart of the Jewish East End.

The Postcode Lottery

Edited Arts present a series investigating UK music scenes divided by postcode area with a view to drawing attention to the often overlooked areas of the UK's artistic heritage of music, sound and speech.

The Rottenslushy Show

60 minutes of vivid aural excitement mixed by Ian Murphy.

The Self Road

Anne Gallien, a French anglophile living in Bristol, singer, musician (the Veees) and yoga teacher, explores life, mental health and self-development in a lighthearted manner through a series of encounters with extraordinary seekers.

The Sound of Contact

A project broadcast live from Resonance Extra's studios on the 11th December 2022, exploring the aural dimensions of contact improvisation.. Listening through the skin, communicating through touch. What does listening through the skin sound like? What is the sound of contact improvisation?

The Vocal Show

A series devoted to experimenting with sound using the human voice by vocalist Amanda Brooks.

Theatre of the Ears

Theatre of the Ears is a programme exploring radio and transmission art, hosted by Andrew Jarvis.

Third Ear

Third Ear is a cut-up of submitted, self-recorded and found field recordings, with Ian Bruner (@ideath / @rhizomeparkinggarage). What clues could be found in dialogue with the tiled bathroom floor or the phantasmagorical coulomb of afternoon dust, the line running at the crest of a wave or the netting of mechanical hums pitched into drone, the friction of things touching?

This Is Not A Love Song [Radio]

This Is Not A Love Song [Radio] builds on an existing field recording project by artists Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier titled This Is Not A Love Song (Sound Archive): 200 field recordings, 200 countries; a collection of the ambient sounds of major art institutions around the world, created through recordings from a global community of contributors. The project appropriates sound to critically study the ambience of institutional space.

Timeless Passion

Australia-based sound artist Justin Cantrell, aka ju ca, presents ambient, experimental and ASMR-influenced computer music with a regional focus on Australia's sound art scene.

Today Calls

Today Calls is year-long daily series by artist and writer Christof Migone. Three writers respond to historical events for every day of the year. Texts by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Jordan Scott.


Trace is a project exploring liminal space of the Irish Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland through photography and field recordings taken at almost 200 border crossings. The project aims to document open and free movement currently enjoyed on the Island of Ireland in the context of the current political negotiations. Each episode explores a different section of the border.

Trash Panda QC Is Under Location Surfaces

A 16-episode bi-weekly series alternating new and unheard live sounds from Trash Panda QC with DJ selections and guests.

Tse Tse Fly Further East

A series from Tse Tse Fly Middle East focusing on South East Asian sound art, noise and experimental music.

Tse Tse Fly Middle East

Tse Tse Fly Middle East was a nonprofit arts and activist organisation that existed from 2015 until 2023. Throughout that time, it presented a monthly two-hour radio programme showcasing sound art and experimental music from the Middle East, India and North Africa.

Twelve Hours in the Life of a Fox

On the 31st of July 2014, artist Antoine Bertin attached a recording collar of his own making to a fox. With the help of the Harper Wildlife Rescue he let Ollie go at 6pm not too far from London, following his movements thanks to the GPS in his collar.

Tyneside Sounds Society

The Tyneside Sounds Society is a monthly broadcast dedicated to the recording and reinterpretation of the sonic environment and sound heritage of Tyneside in the North East of England.

Underbelly Jazz

An exploration of jazz infused music blurring the lines of genres and styles, with a focus on Brighton.

Underground Institute Festival

Resonance Extra presents two nights of the Underground Institute Festival, which was broadcast live from Silent Green, Berlin and Panke Culture on the 8th and 9th December 2022. Sonic exploration, custom built instruments, sound art and avant-garde pop music, featuring some of the most adventurous sonic artists active today.

Unexplained Sounds

A selection of new experimental music and sound work from the international underground network Unexplained Sounds, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst).

Urban Arts Berlin

Urban Arts Berlin is a non-profit arts organisation which supports international sound artists. In this series Verónica Mota presents selections of works from the Urban Arts Berlin label.


VOIXXE is a monthly audio magazine show from IKLECTIK, Lambeth's foremost experimental music and arts laboratory, with archival audio, interviews and analysis.

Vibration Totale

Malte Kobel selects vibrational music with guests from the realms of sound, theory and art.

Walking with Sebald: Austerlitz and the East End

In this extended programme Patrick Bernard follows in the footsteps of W. G. Sebald and his eponymous character Austerlitz as he explores the East End of London with poet Stephen Watts (a friend of 'Max' Sebald who accompanied him on many of his walks). They are joined by Nadia Valman and David Anderson from Queen Mary University of London as they visit many of the locations in the novel to uncover the layers of history hidden beneath the surface of the city and Sebald's text.

What Is Power? What Is Memory? - Jeremiah Day in conversation with Joanne Bland at Flat Time House

As part of the exhibition What Is Power? at Flat Time House, American artist Jeremiah Day invited civil rights activist, museum organiser and storyteller Joanne Bland to contribute a special online talk.

What's That Sound? Dronica Turns Two

An audio documentary featuring Dronica: the iconic and immersive celebration of experiments in sound, visual and performance art in the unique setting of Shoreditch Old Church, curated by Nicola Serra and the team.

This sonic journey covers the second anniversary celebrations; interviewing performers and exhibitors and showcasing live sets and recordings from the Church and the cemetery which surrounds it. Interviews conducted by Jude Cowan Montague and Mia Kukathasan.

Where The Dead Voices Gather

Where the Dead Voices Gather is an indeterminate process driven radio experiment that uses the book 'Where The Dead Voices Gather' by Nick Tosches as its starting point.

Songs are chosen from a series of libraries based on the structure of a haiku. Each show has 17 songs / sounds therefore each show represents a sonic haiku.

Where the Dead voices gather is exploring the sonic potentials of written text and the indeterminate.

Worthwhile Unions

Worthwhile Unions is a radio series by Anna Clegg with a focus on meeting points. Often collaborative and pulling heavily from online sources, the series works to extract a kind of cinema of feeling, contradicting and evasive, from dense combinations of music, sound and samples.


An array of experimental and post-industrial underground music from the vaults of Russian label and distributor ZHELEZOBETON, selected by DJ Kryptogen from his St. Petersburg studio.

Zona Music(a)

Brooklyn record label Zona Music(a) previews forthcoming releases.


dREM is a curatorial project by Allegra Shorto to explore and expand the relationship between art and dream. Each episode is a soundscape lasting the duration of an REM sleep cycle, roughly 90 minutes, to be slept through. Artists are invited to fill this time as they imagine it. The sounds may be incorporated into the narrative of the dream, alter its content or partially wake listeners, making them aware that they are dreaming. Mimicking the cyclical stages of the sleeping mind, the resulting soundscapes flit from silence to resounding repetition, perhaps causing dream ripples. Participants include artists Gregory Barsamian, Lee Berwick, Delia Gonzalez, Dr Keith Hearne, Kurt Hentschlager, Jacob Kierkegaard, Robert Rich and Chu-Li Shewring.


Twice-monthly broadcast showcasing electronic music produced by members of the female:pressure international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists practising in the fields of electronic music and digital arts.


Jonathan Lees of West Yorkshire netlabel hibernate selects internet-based ambient music with contributions from guest artists.

inter / sect

inter / sect is a radio show that centers on examining the intersections between jazz, electronic productions, ambience and experimental approaches, hosted by Charles Vaughan.


Audio collage (2021) by Jasmina Al-Qaisi and Ralf Wendt with Afrika Diva Collectif.

noName Music From LATAM

Camilo Franco presents new and emerging sounds from Latin America.


An infinite stream of audio comprising fantasy language and field recordings by Anastasia Freygang. The works appear at random in the station's schedule and treat the platform the way a virus might infect its host.


verzcast is a monthly quiet music show, hosted by Phil Maguire of verz imprint. The show will explore 'quiet' music past and present, and what 'quietness' means in the arts today. Expect quiet electronics, contemporary composition, improvisation, and interviews with composers, performers, and writers.


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