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Midday GMT Monthly on the Second Friday at 11pm

The Infinite Inward #67

Cosmic, transcendent sounds and exploratory electronics with f.ampism.

2pm GMT Weekly on Wednesday at 7pm

Naviar Broadcast #296 - Two Seahorses

This episode features music made by Naviar’s community inspired by Corine Timmer’s poem “two seahorses / dancing in seagrass / slivers of sunlight”.

To have your music featured on the show, participate in the Haiku music challenge.

Thirty minutes of experimental music made in response to a weekly haiku poem, curated by Marco Alessi of Naviar Records and Naviar's international community of composers.

2:30pm GMT New!

Temporary Palaces # Parts i-iii of iii

Here we broadcast parts i (Tarzan the Apeman), ii (The Wild One) and iii (The Stranger).

Offering surreal glimpses of what might be identified as echoes of a post-Republic America, an imagined Middle East, and some other unnamed and unreachable world, Palace chronicles a vivid landscape of crumbling towers and heart-broken animals, eclipses, comets, and lovers in abandoned rooms. Produced by Dominic J. Jaeckle and Milo Thesiger–Meacham.

Kyra Simone is a writer from Los Angeles, now based in Brooklyn. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of literary journals, including The Baffler, The Brooklyn Rail, BOMB, Conjunctions, Fence, The Anthology of Best American Experimental Writing, and elsewhere. She is a member of the publishing collective Ugly Duckling Presse, and part of a two-woman team running the editorial office of Zone Books.

"From the stuff we unfold in the morning and throw in the recycling bin at night, Simone coaxes the rhythms of cyclical life, that baseline on which extraordinary events and crises exert their pressure. The world she constructs is recognisable, textured, gently humorous—but also luminously, piercingly exact, possessed of the strangeness of seeing something for the first or the last time".

— Alexandra Kleeman, author of Something New Under the Sun.

"I was hooked by the very first sentence of Kyra Simone’s Palace of Rubble: ‘A breaking wave collapses on the bank before two half-naked women on white Arabian horses.’ The sentence is so precise, down to the use of the erotic “collapses.” Plunged into this direct, clear, and mysterious arrangement of words, I was always left wondering what will happen next. Where will the next sentence take me? I was never disappointed. Simone is able to maintain and shift that propulsive curiosity throughout the book. While dancing with us, each sentence is a journey. Each story is a multi-faceted gem—a ‘beguiling dream of eternal cinema".

— John Yau, author of Genghis Chan on Drums.

"Majestic flights of fancy spun around ravaged landscapes and savage realities, these are remarkable prose poems for the 21st century".

— Chloe Aridjis, author of Sea Monsters.

"Reading Simone’s work is reminiscent of an archaeological excavation. The writing has dug to the past and emerged in the future, passing on its way those civilisations, kingdoms and palaces long since blown away or buried, it is covered in their dust. I can’t help but think, isn’t this madness? Isn’t life beautiful".

— Vanessa Onwuemezi, author of Dark Neighbourhood.

Temporary Palaces is a special triplicate of hour-long broadcasts that serialises an unabridged rendition of Kyra Simone's debut collection, Palace of Rubble (Tenement Press, 2022). Initially inspired by a photograph of one of Saddam Hussein’s demolished palaces, Simone’s Palace of Rubble is a collection of one-page stories composed primarily of single words culled each day from the front pages of the newspaper.

5:37pm GMT

A Field Of Secondary Craters

Resonance Extra presents a broadcast of "A Field of Secondary Craters", the last record by MORKEBLA, out on Czaszka (Rec.)

All tracks recorded and mixed by Alberto Rosso. "Snow Canvas" remix by Quiltland. Mastered by Philippe Durocher. Album artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk & Oliver Spieker.

Follow Morkebla on Soundcloud.

Missed the show? Catch up on Mixcloud.

6pm GMT

Sonic Darts # Tedious Field Recording Of The Year

For the final episode of 2023, we're wrapping up the year with our long running, irregular feature, Tedious Field Recording Of The Year. Tune in to find out who will be crowned this year’s champion!

Gwaith Swn's Sonic Darts is a London-based sound art collective presenting new sound works, performances and discussions.

7pm GMT New!

Estuary Magic #27 - In Praise of Catherine Christer Hennix

Communiques from Thanet Tape Centre, Hard drive sludge. audio tidal pools. Music sediment. Friends utterances, sea walls of noise, salt marsh drone.

8pm GMT Monthly on the Fourth Tuesday at 8pm

Conditional #49 w/ Trash Panda QC

In this episode, a guest mix in the second hour from Trash Panda QC, whose album ‘Jumps 19’ is out right now on Conditional.

Tracks from across the spectrum of electronic and computer music, with Calum Gunn of Conditional.

10pm GMT New!

walkplacedistancetime #21 - One Day in June: Movement 4

Welcome to walkplacedistancetime.

Walking, movement in place, in air, distance through time.

In this episode: Iceland ... every three hours for 24 hours ... eight times ... daag einn I juni ... I stand and look east across the fell to the obelisk. Beyond it the northern shoulder of Burfell rises then slips away off its hog’s back summit.

Stand and listen to the plaintive pipe of the Golden Plover and the croak of the Snipe.

Stand … then move off ... down the slope; through the Marsh Marigolds; over the stream; cross two fences; cross the horse paddock to the leaning post; along the horse path; around to the fence to the left; over the fence; cross four streams; pass the waterfall; cross the marsh; cross the stream on stones; up the slope to gap in ridge; up the slope to the lip; around the obilisk; pause; retrace my steps ... eight walks ... eight sections ... split ... re-built ... into a day at random ... eight movements ... this is movement 4.

embodiment -:- walking human movement -:- place more-less natural -:- distance time over across -:- field recording -:- poetry -:- composition -:- martin p eccles

11pm GMT Weekly, Monday, 6pm

Unexplained Sounds #331

This episode features music by sevensy, Les Antonymes, Rafael Diogo, Michael Bonaventure & Loo(p)cy, Lars Bröndum, The Washing Planck, Sonologyst, Triswara and Joel Gilardini.

A selection of new experimental music and sound work from the international underground network Unexplained Sounds, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst).

Midnight GMT Monthly / First Tuesday / 8pm

Discrepancies #89

This episode is a meditative journey through broken bamboos, parrot chorals and avant tape experiments. A humid nostalgic dive done under the glueing heat of an Indian summer.

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

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