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Temporary Palaces # Parts i-iii of iii

Temporary Palaces is a special triplicate of hour-long broadcasts that serialises an unabridged rendition of Kyra Simone's debut collection, Palace of Rubble (Tenement Press, 2022). Initially inspired by a photograph of one of Saddam Hussein’s demolished palaces, Simone’s Palace of Rubble is a collection of one-page stories composed primarily of single words culled each day from the front pages of the newspaper.

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A Field Of Secondary Craters

Resonance Extra presents a broadcast of "A Field of Secondary Craters", the last record by MORKEBLA, out on Czaszka (Rec.)

All tracks recorded and mixed by Alberto Rosso. "Snow Canvas" remix by Quiltland. Mastered by Philippe Durocher. Album artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk & Oliver Spieker.

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