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Dallas Simpson has worked since the 1990s as an environmental location performance sound artist improvising live on location, listening and performing with found objects and surfaces. Works are usually recorded live on location in a single take using custom in-ear binaural techniques. These 3-D perceptual recordings are ideally heard through headphones for a full surround sound experience.

Previous episodes

Dallas Simpson #2 - Sneinton Market Friday Night

Sunday 25th November 2018 20:40 - 22:00 GMT

This broadcast is an environmental soundscape documentary of the Sneinton Market (Nottingham) Friday Night event from 05/10/18. It takes place in the paved Sneinton Market area, with water fountains and structural features, where veggie and eco friendly stalls set up, skateboarders freestyle and bands turn up and play through a lo-fi PA system. Musicians included Eagle from Punk4theHomeless. Observed as a series of walkabouts in and around the outdoor venue and from static listening perspectives, the recording captures the event in real time attended by a small but enthusiastic audience. Recorded by dallas simpson in binaural 3-D surround sound for headphones.

Dallas SimpsonĀ #1 - Lynton Windscape Improvisation

Wednesday 21st November 2018 19:30 - 20:05 GMT

An environmental freeform location performance improvisation recorded from 5:45am on 10/10/18 in strong gusting winds. Using gathered stone fragments from the Valley of Rocks nearby as sounding tools to interrogate objects and surfaces, this work explores a personal encounter with the physical environment in the Devonshire town of Lynton. Found sound objects and surfaces include various metal railings, scaffolding with plastic, walls, wooden seat, wall nails and pavement drain covers. Contains strong ear wind noise as part of the composition.
Recorded in real time in a single take by dallas simpson. Please use headphones for a 3-D surround sound experience.

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