Monday 11th December 2023

Midnight GMT Monthly / First Tuesday / 8pm

Discrepancies #89

This episode is a meditative journey through broken bamboos, parrot chorals and avant tape experiments. A humid nostalgic dive done under the glueing heat of an Indian summer.

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

1am GMT Monthly

Tse Tse Fly Middle East # June 2019

Tse Tse Fly Middle East was a nonprofit arts and activist organisation that existed from 2015 until 2023. Throughout that time, it presented a monthly two-hour radio programme showcasing sound art and experimental music from the Middle East, India and North Africa.

3am GMT New!

Jose Macabra Presents #9 - Christian Duka

Jose Macabra presents solo work and other collaborations.

5:01am GMT

The Joyous Thing 4 # Network Member Commissions

This second broadcast from the event features 12 new audio works commissioned by Outlands and Fat Out for the final day of the festival.

Full lineup (GMT):

Alan Turing asked the question "Can Machines Think?" and later committed suicide as a result of homophobic persecution by the UK government. Today, AI is accidentally spreading the hatred it learns from the web. But should we just accept it? Words and music by ChatGPT and Jim Purbrick. Vocals by en-US-Neural2-J. All of the sounds in this piece were generated using machines that the work of Alan Turing made possible.

  • 6:09:20pm - Islington Mill Is Queer by Fat Out:

An audio project developed from conversations between The Niallist (Niall O’Conghaile) and Islington Mill's queer community to uncover and document the queer influence on the space through a series of interviews. The recordings are focussing on the creatives based at Islington Mill who identify as queer and the influence their queer outlook has had on the space and its culture. Fat Out's Creative Director Emma Thompson has bought together these voices to tell the story of a building that houses so many queer stories. Listen to the full Islington Mill is Queer series here.

A work based on disparate location sound recordings and processed musical content to communicate various themes related to gender nonconformity and queerness. This work is symbolic of a current lived experience of personal and universal category erosion. Here, music and non-musical sound represent outdated, polarised ways of grouping people; they are thus merged, providing a non-space, free of the traps that have forced people to live disharmoniously with their true selves.

  • 6:44:30pm - Like Nothing On Earth, Or Everything on Earth All At Once by Angusraze:

Angusraze (aka Ryan Wilkinson) is a 24 year-old queer working class experimental musician raised in Dewsbury and living in Deal. His music is like nothing on Earth, or everything on Earth all at once. Kyle McCallum (Extra Normal) will interview Angusraze on the subject of queerness and its relationship with his music and the music scene at large. Alongside the interview will be excerpts from Angusraze’s recent musical recordings, which Kyle considers to be the most radical and vital work coming out of the UK at the moment.

This piece examines how finding catharsis and community in experimental music practice can help heal psychic wounds. Meljoann Ryan is a queer musician who grew up in a religious rural Ireland. Their piece uses sonic elements from three experimental R&B songs that deal with escaping religious and capitalist culture. Starting with found field recordings of the catholic mass, they will weave synth and rhythm song samples through this, building until the catholic mass is overwhelmed and overpowered.

  • 7:11:12pm - Queer Joy Will Be My Revenge by Dolly Sen:

Eastern Ear have commissioned Dolly Sen to make an audio piece for Outlands takeover of Resonance Extra. Dolly is working class queer human interested in disability and the madness given to us by the world. Dolly is a writer, artist, performer and filmmaker. Entitled 'Queer Joy Will Be My Revenge', this work will be a rambling story of poetry, music, rant and incidental field recording about how my Queerness has been treated/is being treated.

  • 7:16:30pm - CAKEHOLE by Graeme Hopper:

I have recently been recording my own voice and stutter, listening to my mouth's tones and timbres while responding to my moods and frustrations with how my voice sounds or doesn't sound. This is an ongoing work and one that I am keen to explore further into my own practice and productions. The piece CAKEHOLE tries to capture those moods and recordings while projecting, processing and manipulating speech and the emotional personal hurdles which I sometimes feel when holding conversations.

  • 7:31:30pm - International Women’s Day & The Alternative Music Scene in Birmingham and Beyond by Sadie Barnett:

Sadie Barnett is a visual artist, writer and broadcaster who is participating in Supersonic Festival's annual International Women's Day event. For the Resonance Extra Outlands show Sadie will record a bitesize interview with each act, exploring the way that gender and other intersections of their identities influence the music they create. They will highlight the context of International Womens’ Day and the importance of creating space for gender minorities in the experimental music scene.

This work is an experiment using archived recordings made in my garden over the past ten years. The humble garden space, over this time has physically changed, but the sound of it have stayed consistent. Time has been compacted using layered sounds and other elements from private sound improvisations I’ve done within the garden space over that time. This everyday domestic space has always nurtured and affirmed my being in the world; it is where I am most deeply rooted.

Two narrators separated by the Atlantic Ocean trace the events of a night lost in an unnamed city: a round of Rana – a game of throwing and numbers, with a frog’s mouth as the highest-scoring target – in an underground bar; a bench covered in hundreds of tally marks counting into the thousands, in a park behind a churchyard, rumoured to be haunted, where foxes are fed by a mysterious local character; a visit to the supermarket and a wrong phone number for the pizzeria. Featuring original text, music and recordings made on various handheld devices, found material, improvised words by Kadence Neill and viola by Benedict Taylor.

An audio manifesto created by a female identifying and non-binary alliance of artists seeking to create utopian realties and new ways of seeing, thinking and feeling. The manifesto is inspired by feminist sci-fi and explores the impact of political structures such as capitalism, patriarchy and power. Through exploring these themes, they developed an alternate 'IV world' that infinitely expands from the central objective of equity, balance and harmony.

  • 8:43:20pm - Flowering Mind: Interview with Cindy Lee by Sonia Tses:

Patrick Flegel (Cindy Lee) talks to Sonia (Secret Flight) about "shredding for the people", the magic of multitracking, and receiving flowers at concerts. Cindy Lee is an experimental “confrontation pop” drag project who had done very few radio interviews in the past.

Presented by Outlands, The Joyous Thing is an annual gathering for the UK experimental music community and anyone with a curious ear. In collaboration with C.A.N.V.A.S. and Centrala Space, this 4th edition of the event features live performances by 33, Olan Monk & Michael Speers, as well as newly commissioned audio works by Outlands members.

8am GMT New!

Colliding Lines #22 - CERPINTXT x Stephan Barrett Pt. 1

In this show we'll be broadcasting Part 1 of a remote collaboration between Alaa Yussry and Stephan Barrett who were brought into contact through Colliding Lines.

Starting with an open-ended process of sharing recordings, sparked by an interest in micro-tonal and unequal temperament systems, the interplay between text and sound, and working with aleatoric methods of sonic disintegration.

Accompanying this, we'll be re-playing recordings from our 2018 Shadowplay tour, performed by Jacob Kyriakides, Reuben Kyriakides and guests.

Colliding Lines present live sessions, cross-genre collaborations and left-field recordings drawn from the London, UK and international experimental scenes; a long-form love letter to recorded audio as soundtrack, as sound art and as storyteller.

10am GMT New!

Lepke B: Looperama #1 - Mello Gold

In this first episode Mello Gold:

In 1967, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera approached the Krofft Brothers to design costumes for a television show which would feature animated and live-action segments, with the whole show hosted by a bubblegum pop group of anthropomorphic characters, played by actors in fleecy costumes similar to later Sid and Marty Krofft characters such as H.R. Pufnstuf.
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour premiered on NBC on September 7, 1968.

Each show represented a meeting of the Banana Splits Club, and the wraparounds featured the adventures of the club members, who doubled as a musical quartet, meant to be reminiscent of the Beatles and the Monkees.
Unlike their human predecessors, however, the Banana Splits were bizarre, anthropomorphic animals: rhythm guitarist Drooper was a lion, lead guitarist Fleegle was a dog, keyboardist Snorky was an elephant, and drummer Bingo was a monkey.

The Banana Splits' bubblegum pop rock 'n' roll was provided by studio professionals, including Joey Levine (I Enjoy Being a Boy, It's a Good Day for a Parade), Al Kooper , Barry White (Doin' the Banana Split),and Jimmy Radcliffe provided his song (I'm Gonna Find a Cave).

Additional material features the Micro Ventures of Professor Carter and his two teenage kids, Mike and Jill, who use a shrinking machine to shrink themselves and their dune buggy to miniature size, to explore and experience the world from the perspective of an insect.
Professor Carter, Mike, and Jill change to micro-size to observe an ant colony ...Groovy!

Lepke B's blissful disregard for the sacred in life has placed him as one of the testcard knights with a totally unique approach to sound plunderphonics and visual art.

11am GMT New!

noName Music From LATAM #3

Camilo Franco presents new and emerging sounds from Latin America.

Midday GMT Monthly

Dronica #4

This month: a selection of works by the artists who performed at the first edition of the festival in April 2016.

Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents new and archival material.

2pm GMT

The Wire: Adventures In Music and Sound # 7th December 2023

In this episode, James Gormley plays tracks from some of the albums featured in The Wire Top 50 Releases Of The Year, including Mayssa Jallad, Aho Ssan, Avola and more.

New music with The Wire Magazine.

3:30pm GMT

Resonance Radio Orchestra # 'Suspension of Belief'

Here they present Suspension of Belief, a piece for rock-climber, writer, field recordings, music. Suspension of Belief combines live rock-climbing with text and sound (both musical and incidental) in a specifically radiophonic work made for the pan-European series Intimacy and Distance.

While boulder-champion Gaz Parry takes his friend Kate Mills up the forbidding cliff face of the Col d'Ifac in Alicante, veteran soloist Jim Perrin meditates on the meaning of rock climbing from a studio in France. Gaz can't hear Jim. Jim can't hear Gaz. The two meet only in radio, on an equal footing with the production team and the listener. Conceived and produced by Ed Baxter and Chris Weaver. Engineers: Nick Hamilton (London), Bob Drake (Caudeval). Music: Max O'Brien. Announcer: Richard Thomas. Mixdown: Michael Sinden.

The Resonance Radio Orchestra is a floating pool of musicians, engineers, sound-effects creators, actors, writers, composers and broadcasters devoted to making live radio-art. It is based in central London as the in-house artistic wing of Resonance104.4fm, under the direction of Ed Baxter.

8pm GMT New!

Sonic Commune #6

An immersive psychosonic space, where sounds converse, collide and converge, featuring works, selections, edits, experiments, new music, non-music, archival objects, abstract artefacts, sound(system) and A/V art, pop, trash, noise, voice, and the associated mediums, processes and techniques that make up the ongoing audial investigations of Agents of the Culture Industry & OVT, all presented for art not profit.

10pm GMT Twice Monthly on the Second and Fourth Monday at 10pm New!

Resistance Through Ritual #19

Ambient, folk, ritual, electronic, dub, free jazz and exploratory works selected by BroodingSideOfMadness.

Midnight GMT

Worthwhile Unions #12 - Profound Sadness

This episode features a guest mix by Nicole13.

Worthwhile Unions is a radio series by Anna Clegg with a focus on meeting points. Often collaborative and pulling heavily from online sources, the series works to extract a kind of cinema of feeling, contradicting and evasive, from dense combinations of music, sound and samples.

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