Discrepancies #89

with Gonçalo F Cardoso
Monday 11th December 2023 00:00 - 01:00 GMT

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

This episode is a meditative journey through broken bamboos, parrot chorals and avant tape experiments. A humid nostalgic dive done under the glueing heat of an Indian summer.


Hannibal Chew IV - La Revuelta de los Loros (Excerpt)
Kirk Barley - Seafarer
SG - Western Affect
John Carpenter - This Is Not A Dream
M.Sage - Evenin' Out
Nikolaienko - Muzak For Mesozoic Showreel (feat. Arthur Mine)
Budy & Maglione – Killing 2 Parrots With 1 Cracker
Giuseppe Ielasi - 02
Piotr Kurek - Wid
Cyclopean - Apostles
Alexandre Centeio - Nove Cigarras Madre Pérola
Vlad Dobrovolski - Far Above The Ground
Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière - Five steps
Hannibal Chew IV - La Revuelta de los Loros (Excerpt)
Hydrophone - We Crossed the Atlantic

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