Saturday 9th December 2023

1am GMT

Live on Extra (TEST)


1:05am GMT Monthly

Gravity Waves and The Spirit World # January 2023

This episode is bookended by long pieces from Simon Pyke and Marcelo Armani. It also features old friends of the Spirit of Gravity – including Fane, Thomas Stove, and Jonathan Higgins – plus a noisemaker who is new to us, Bantu.

Commissioned new work from contemporary sound practitioners and other audio choices from experimental electronic collective The Spirit of Gravity.

3am GMT New!

Jose Macabra Presents #8 - Institution D.O.L.

INSTITUTION D.O.L. was founded in 1998 by Barbie B.(Matthias Beisl), who sees and describes the work as Industrial Music, as an ultimate soundtrack for visualising all aspects of life. And this can be from quiet, ambient tracks to rolling and rhythmic patterns and harsh sounds.

Jose Macabra presents solo work and other collaborations.

5:02am GMT New!

Body Edit Mind #1

A 22-hour radio project in 7 episodes by Milo Thesiger–Meacham. An unnamed narrator moves house and pieces together a world of recording devices, names, crime, real-world characters and media from across the globe, featuring 10-second audio extracts from over 6000 individual videos found online, original sound recordings, music, hand-held camera audio and writing. Commissioned by the European Capital of Culture, Esch2022 for the temporary radio art station Radio Art Zone. Follow Fox Neame for more.

8am GMT Monthly / First Tuesday / 8pm

Discrepancies #89

This episode is a meditative journey through broken bamboos, parrot chorals and avant tape experiments. A humid nostalgic dive done under the glueing heat of an Indian summer.

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

9am GMT Monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 7.30pm

Littoral Transmissions #19 - Wetland Fugue

In this episode: a kaleidoscopic collage of treated field recordings made in and around Walthamstow Wetlands.

Littoral Transmissions meander through the sonic landscape of the River Lea from Stonebridge Lock to Leamouth. Recordings from the field converge with layers of sound to create an aural impression of the navigation.

9:30am GMT

Ideal Logic Max 24 Rainbow Prayer International

Neil Luck leads an ensemble of collaborators in a New Years Water Ritual live from Resonance Extra's studio. An offering of positive energy to all sufferers of holiday burst pipes and broken boilers. Engineered and mixed live by Milo Thesiger–Meacham.

10:30am GMT

The Wire: Adventures In Music and Sound # 7th December 2023

In this episode, James Gormley plays tracks from some of the albums featured in The Wire Top 50 Releases Of The Year, including Mayssa Jallad, Aho Ssan, Avola and more.

New music with The Wire Magazine.

Midday GMT

Peace Frequencies

This one-off broadcast event ran from 12 midday GMT on Saturday 9th December, to 12 midday UTC on Sunday 10th December 2023.

It explores the meaning of peace at a time when the concept feels increasingly distant; bringing together voices from around the globe, including Australia, Uruguay, UK, Japan, Palestine, Croatia, China, and more.

Full schedule here

What does peace sound like to you? For International Human Rights Day, radio stations worldwide join together for an emergency 24-hour broadcast, in which audio makers across the globe explore what peace means to them. Broadcaster, writer and agitator Gemma Cairney brings together a unique collection of presenters, audio makers, activists, storytellers and musicians for a mixture of conversation, reflection, provocation and music.

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