Monday 22nd April 2024

Midnight BST Monthly / First Tuesday / 8pm

Discrepancies #52

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with a focus on earthly field recordings and international sounds, curated by the Discrepant record label, presented by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

1am BST

Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit #84

This episode features Karen Constance, Egg & Crisp, Dylan Nyoukis & Yoni Silver, Meadow Argus, Kinver Pond, Dominique Grimaud, Video Adventures, Yannick Dauby, Diadal, Violent Onsen Geisha, Lexie Mountain, Bernard Parmegiani, I'd M Theftable, Papal Bull, The Bohman Brothers, Sten Hanson, The Polly Shang Kuan Band and Tony Conrad.

Sound collage, record spinning, havering, ear wonk and general head scratch with Dylan Nyoukis of the Chocolate Monk label.

3am BST New!

Estuary Magic #3 - Equestrian Magic with Arianne Churchman

In this episode: an audio essay with Arianne Churchman exploring her ongoing research into the folklore of horses and practices of horse magic.

Chalk horses run across the landscape with the sun, and birth foals with magic in their mouths. Under the moonlight the frog's bone glimmers in the stream, waiting to be presented to the horse and set forth new forms of communication. We join the horse cult, sinking deeply in, and open our escape with them through a dream.

Communiques from Thanet Tape Centre, Hard drive sludge. audio tidal pools. Music sediment. Friends utterances, sea walls of noise, salt marsh drone.

4am BST Monthly

Radio Picnic #72 - Maudite

This episode features Maudite. Ambient drone drifts and mathematical electronic beats.

Radio Picnic is a mobile radio art project by zonoff which invites multi-disciplinary artists to create works inspired by the radio medium.

5am BST

Listening Experience #1 - Pulse

This episode: The use of pulse in instrumentation.

A monthly collection of audio experiments and listening objects with sound artist Matt Burnett from Berlin.

6am BST Monthly

Dronica #24 - DRONbIENt

Music from Inner Space Travels, Ruido, Fastidious Android, BAG, Cameraoscura, Giovanni Lami, IOM, V-Stok and The Nent.

Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents new and archival material.

8am BST Twice-Monthly, First and Third Thursday at 6pm BST

female:pressure #137 - Meira Asher

Meira Asher’s work challenges accepted conventions of practice and genre, even within the supposed open-minded circles of the avant-garde. A composer, performer and human rights activist, she freely oscillates between, through and beyond the fields of sound art and radio art.

In the past 20 years her artistic practice has been focusing on in-depth and long- term projects, and she has been working assiduously, amassing many different projects in different veins. She is the producer of the independent Radioart show radioart106 since 2014 and a former lecturer at the University of Haifa's Art School (2012-22).

Her works were released on Crammed, Sub Rosa, Auditorium, Raash Records and Ultima Ratio labels, but mostly independent through her own platforms. Her recent works include TANSIKتنسيق for Radio Reina Sofia Madrid, a Hebrew version of Antonin Artaud’s radio essay Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu and Sonic Voyage of Resistance for Radio Art Zone.

Twice-monthly broadcast showcasing electronic music produced by members of the female:pressure international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists practising in the fields of electronic music and digital arts.

9am BST

Radia #992 - Resonating Scultpures by Reni Hofmüller

This episode is contribution by Radio Helsinki

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" ––– Nikola Tesla

Sounds of electromagnetic waves, overlapping frequencies of unfathomable spaces - magical, fleeting and touching, these are the electro-poetic worlds of sound that Reni Hofmüller opens up with the antennas of her Resonating Sculptures. Radiation emissions from the natural and human-made world, the cosmos and the technological environment transformed into sounds: hissing, crackling, hissing, whistling, vibrating, clanking and clicking, humming, buzzing, vibrating and booming, voices, tones and sounds from the radio.

Since 2012, the media artist, musician, composer, organiser and activist has been working with communication spaces that are created and characterised through the use of antennas and interpreted musically and improvisationally in live sets. The sculptures are mobile, small, heavy, expansive, they reference places and spaces for which they were designed, and they each have their own history of creation.

These are reflected in the forms as well as the spectrum of what they receive. Eight Resonating Sculptures have been created over the past eleven years. In April 2024, a new series of antennas based on the water systems – rivers, drinking water canals and sewage – will open in Scala, Tabakalera, San Sebastian.

As early as the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla picked up signals from Jupiter during his first radio experiments and interpreted them using his imagination. The Resonating Sculptures appeal to this power of imagination in the same way as the blue of the deep when diving in the sea or the noise of the radio between the transmitters that suggest a potential, a maybe, a possibly. Hofmüller: "The world opens up for me from my world of sound."

Members of Radia, the international group of independent cultural radio stations, explore new and forgotten ways of making radio.

9:30am BST Monthly on the Third Wednesday at 6pm

Urban Arts Berlin #9

Urban Arts Berlin is a non-profit arts organisation which supports international sound artists. In this series Verónica Mota presents selections of works from the Urban Arts Berlin label.

10am BST New!

Injazero #55

Injazero Records founder Siné Buyuka plays a selection of electronic, experimental, ambient and contemporary classical tracks.

11am BST New!

Kinn Presents #4 - Epitaph To Sick Dogs (w/ Wendy Lavone)

In this episode, Wendy Lavone (Sam Hughes / Nancy) subjects his discography to the butchers for an hour of twisted and reimagined versions of his work. Not to be listened to on a full stomach, features exceedingly bloated drones and dread sonics weaved throughout classic writings on depression and blackened soundscapes composed by Kinn. And yet, there is hope for all sick dogs...

Wendy’s LTD run of cassette on An1ma is out now. You can also find Nancy (clothing) at Supreme, Slam City Skates and on their website.

Channelling an array of fervent interests in many genres through different mediums (Film, Music, Sound Art and more), Kinn - the brooding-electronics project of London based artist Freddy Lomas - and his guests use original soundscapes and compositions to weave together an original concept for each month's show.

Midday BST

Lossless Communication #1

Exploring sound discovery in the internet era with Robin Buckley AKA rkss.

1pm BST

Earwitness #4 w/ Mariam Rezaei

This episode features DJ, composer and improviser Mariam Rezaei.

Missed the show? Catch up on Mixcloud.

Long-form gonzo radio exploration of artists on the outer edge with Eric Boros.

2pm BST New!

First Light's Third Space #10 - Louis Giannamore & Sean Kinnear

This episode of Third Space sees two First Light Records artists, Louis Giannamore (Barkum Deer/Kinn) and Sean Kinnear, explore themes of space, memory, and nostalgia over the course of two deeply personal mixes. In the first hour, Louis revisits his childhood holidays in the Basque Country of Southern France, trips that are soundtracked in his memory by the heavy metal music that defined his musical youth and the rich coastal soundscapes of the region.

He reinvokes the feeling of these formative moments in a curated mix of his field recordings from the Basque, interwoven with often-overlooked ambient and balladic gems from artists that are ordinarily associated with crushing drums and chugging riffs. In the second hour, Sean narrates a history of his native Salford through music and found sound, as well as exclusive unreleased sonic experiments of his own. From the sounds of textile production to the dancefloor of the White Hotel, from New Order to Machine Woman, Sean’s mix charts a nostalgia-tinged path through Salford’s story and his own.

Each month, First Light Records invites two artists to take an unplanned journey with a microphone around their city to curate an hour-long mix. Each show captures the unique atmosphere of a city from each artist's perspective, through music and found sound.

4pm BST Monthly on the first Tuesday at 7PM New!

Late Works: By Ear #8

In this episode, loose association in response to postcards sent in by Hannah Tilson, Jack Shearing, Ranald Macdonald & Marta Zenka. The show predominantly explores and plays clips in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, encouraging research and self education on anti-racism.

Click here for the original videos.

The radio counterpart to live intermedia event series Late Works, hosted by founder Joseph Bradley Hill. Each month a selection of artists respond to the show on postcards and send them in as inspiration for the next. Running through the shows are a modular stem experiment in which musicians improvise live to original 15 minute compositions.

5pm BST Weekly, Monday, 6pm

Unexplained Sounds #340

This episode features new music by Particules, Les Antonymes, room of wires · station zero, Mark Hjorthoy, CPR, Shaun Ferraloro, Bremer + Meierkord, Gianluca Becuzzi, Baishui, Yoyogi Koen, Pupa, Samuel Goff, Capricorni Pneumatici and Michael Grunditz.

A selection of new experimental music and sound work from the international underground network Unexplained Sounds, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst).

6pm BST

The Wire: Adventures In Music and Sound # 18th April 2024

In this episode Phil England presents music by Rafael Toral, Splitter Orchestra, Moor Mother, Kathy Hinde, Ko Ishikawa, Mazz Swift, Rhodri Davies, I Made Subandi, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Sam Lee, Orchestre O.K. Jazz and many more.

New music with The Wire Magazine.

7:30pm BST Monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 7.30pm

Littoral Transmissions #20 - Lock magic

In this episode, a return to a well-trodden path following a long and heavy downpour. Mist rises from the marshy ground as footsteps sink into submerged layers of sodden earth.

Littoral Transmissions meander through the sonic landscape of the River Lea from Stonebridge Lock to Leamouth. Recordings from the field converge with layers of sound to create an aural impression of the navigation.

8pm BST New!

Sonic Commune #6

An immersive psychosonic space, where sounds converse, collide and converge, featuring works, selections, edits, experiments, new music, non-music, archival objects, abstract artefacts, sound(system) and A/V art, pop, trash, noise, voice, and the associated mediums, processes and techniques that make up the ongoing audial investigations of Agents of the Culture Industry & OVT, all presented for art not profit.

10pm BST Twice Monthly on the Second and Fourth Monday at 10pm New!

Resistance Through Ritual #119

Ambient, folk, ritual, electronic, dub, free jazz and exploratory works selected by BroodingSideOfMadness.

Midnight BST Monthly

Tse Tse Fly Middle East # June 2017

Tse Tse Fly Middle East was a nonprofit arts and activist organisation that existed from 2015 until 2023. Throughout that time, it presented a monthly two-hour radio programme showcasing sound art and experimental music from the Middle East, India and North Africa.

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