walkplacedistancetime #21 - One Day in June: Movement 4

with Martin P. Eccles.
Sunday 10th December 2023 22:00 - 23:00 GMT

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Welcome to walkplacedistancetime.

Walking, movement in place, in air, distance through time.

In this episode: Iceland ... every three hours for 24 hours ... eight times ... daag einn I juni ... I stand and look east across the fell to the obelisk. Beyond it the northern shoulder of Burfell rises then slips away off its hog’s back summit.

Stand and listen to the plaintive pipe of the Golden Plover and the croak of the Snipe.

Stand … then move off ... down the slope; through the Marsh Marigolds; over the stream; cross two fences; cross the horse paddock to the leaning post; along the horse path; around to the fence to the left; over the fence; cross four streams; pass the waterfall; cross the marsh; cross the stream on stones; up the slope to gap in ridge; up the slope to the lip; around the obilisk; pause; retrace my steps ... eight walks ... eight sections ... split ... re-built ... into a day at random ... eight movements ... this is movement 4.

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