Out From Under #3 - Marcus Whale, HVISKE, Various Asses

with Stuart Buchanan
Saturday 2nd March 2024 18:00 - 19:00 GMT

Hosted by Stu Buchanan, Out From Under dives deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the far end of the world.

This third episode of Out From Under is the first of a regular playlist series featuring newly released Australian eclectic and experimental music. In this episode we hear tracks from Fatti Frances’ latest project Various Asses; LUCIANBLOMKAMP in a remix by Marcus Whale; debut releases from The First Baboon Civilization and HVISKE; soundtrack work from Karli White and The Vainglories; plus music from Mollusc (pictured), Ela Stiles, Exotic Snake and the new solo release from The Night Terrors frontman Miles Brown.

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