Dronica #3 - Works from the Second Edition

with Nicola Serra
Tuesday 26th March 2019 02:00 - 04:00 GMT

Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents archive material from previous incarnations.

This month: recordings and studio works from artists at the festival's second edition, which took place in July 2016. Featuring Ghost Fang, Daniele Sergio, Roadside Dead, IlSantoBevitore and Astaroth.


Ghost Fang - Live at Dronica #2
Daniele Sergio - Navajo
Daniele Sergio - Solidago
Roadside Dead - A brief glimpse of a rotten existence
Roadside Dead - Black ice tea
Roadside Dead - Even the rats have abandoned you
Roadside Dead - My eyes are scorched with salt and sand
Roadside Dead - Seminal septic death
IlSantoBevitore - Luce Perenne
IlSantoBevitore - Oltrepassare
IlSantoBevitore - Sorge il Buio

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