Atmospheric Densities #13

Monday 25th September 2023 15:30 - 17:00 BST

This is the Flaming Pines radio show featuring new releases, mixes and experiments in field recording, sound art and experimental music, hosted by Kate Carr and guests.

A big month for Flaming Pines with two new releases out in October. Jonathan Higgins introduces his new album Good thanks, you?. RUBBISH MUSIC's Upcycling - a sonic investigation into discarded objects - is finally out too.

We also have a first listen to Masayoshi Miyazaki's epic double album My China Life and dip into Ecka Mordecai's Promise & Illusion on Cafe Oto's Otoroku. Thomas Ragsdale's new album as Sulk Rooms also gets a preview and we close with a busted guitar found on the street.


Before – Jonathan Higgins – 2022
Window – Jonathan Higgins – 2022
01 – Jonathan Higgins – 2022
Trash and Treasure – RUBBISH MUSIC – 2022
You can hide your love forever – Masayoshi Miyazaki – forthcoming
I have met my child only once – Masayoshi Miyazaki – forthcoming
la charnière I - Ecka Mordecai - 2022
indigos – Ecka Mordecai – 2022
The Thin Man – Sulk Rooms – 2022
Mycorrizhal – Sulk Rooms – 2022
making do with a broken guitar – Kate Carr - 2022

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